Why Meat Impersonations Are Taking a Dive

Woman enjoying No Bull Veggie Burgers

It’s no secret that plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular, and for many reasons. Not only is eating plants kinder to animals, but it’s also better for the planet and our gut health.

Veggieburgers have been gaining mainstream popularity over the past couple of years. Nowadays, at every burger joint, there’s at least one vegan or vegetarian option available. Not only that, but we are also now spoiled for choice with meat alternatives at the grocery store.

The Rise of Meat Impersonation Products

Twenty years ago, veggieburgers were trying to gain popularity in a world dominated by meat eaters. This was challenging for people producing and advocating for veggieburgers. So, they felt they needed to replicate the experience of the beef burger status quo.

However, environmental concerns, alongside concerns of diet-related health and animal cruelty, gradually become global concerns. This put the eating of red meat under the spotlight. It became more and more common to switch to plant-based foods instead.

Commercially, many meat-alternative products came to market. Many even have an eerily similar texture, appearance, and taste of real meat. These are what are known as meat impersonation foods. They were a novel product, and only time would tell if they were here to stay.

The Dietary Variety of Now

Fast forward to now, and there is an endless variety of eating habits and dietary needs. We have vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. Not to mention, plant-based, keto, paleo, and clean-eating approaches to food. And then throw flexitarian into the ring …

… Well, suffice to say, there is no dominant way of eating. Nor how foods should taste. Plant-based eaters and flexitarians are not only wanting to eat in a more sustainable, healthy, and cruelty-free way. They also want to feel closer to the earth, by avoiding highly-processed, chemical-laden, and genetically modified foods.

Plant-Based Cuisine: From Surviving to Thriving

Plant-based cuisine was developed in the past six or so decades against the dominant culture. The average person was dead set against it. So, plant-based dishes had to fight, adapt and camouflage to survive.

Thankfully, those days are over! More and more people grow passionate about eating a Non-GMO, vegan diet by the week. Humans have never before had such a smorgasbord of plant foods to choose from.

And the tide is finally turning on meat, and products trying to be meat!

Not only do many people not want to eat meat at all. They also don’t want to eat products impersonating meat. That once-craved texture, appearance, and taste of beef burgers? For many enthusiastic plant eaters, that now reminds them of the animal cruelty they chose to leave behind.

People also want to eat in harmony with the earth and their bodies. What’s the point of getting away from GMOs and pesticides, only to eat a vegeburger grown in a lab?!

Plant Foods in a League of their Own

Every day, more people are realizing that vegetables are not “yucky,” but in fact delicious! We now know that a healthy vegan diet not only makes us look and feel great, but it tastes great too. 

A carrot tastes delicious just by being a fresh, crunchy carrot. And eating out-and-proud lentils feels like a cozy, warm hug (or is that just us?!).

So, why not try the secret plant eaters have known for years? The secret is that plant foods are incredibly delicious just as they are—plants! And our NoBull veggieburgers are no exception.

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