The New Wave of Flexitarians: Why We're Focused on Helping Meat Eaters

Take a walk in any grocery store and you’ll see that “plant-based alternatives are everywhere. With the world becoming more aware of the benefits of eating plant-based alternatives on both the body and the planet, we’re seeing a new wave on conscious eating that has now coined the term flexitarian. A semi-vegetarian diet, also called a flexitarian, is one that is centered on plant foods with the occasional inclusion of meat.


Here’s the thing: we’re not in the business of telling anyone what they have to do. But being a flexitarian can help change your health and our planet for the better. Part of our mission is to help you eat close to the earth, help you feel better about what you eat, and give Earth a break from the impact consuming red meat has on it. We’re big on doing things differently, and this is just one of many ways you can make a change, too.


Now more than ever, there are countless plant-based protein options to consume, but remember, all plant-based protein is NOT created equal. Whether you’re on the fence about going vegan or want an alternative to meat in your diet, NoBull is THE best and only option for your plant-based protein alternative. Made from whole food ingredients that help you eat close to the earth, available in a variety of flavors, and sustainably sourced to cut the environmental impact red meat has on our planet, there’s no bull about NoBull!

What’s a Flexitarian? 

Flexitarians are individuals who mainly eat a plant-based diet but still enjoy eating meat on occasion. This is a great in between for those who have health issues, want to be mindful of the impact their food consumption has on the environment, or simply because they want to try something new! 


Flexitarians are essential in making a big push towards re-thinking what we eat and how we eat. By cutting back on the amount of meat consumed in your day-to-day life, you would be amazed at the difference it has on your health and the environment.

Why Become A Flexitarian?

There’s a variety of reasons why going for a more plant-based diet is right for you. Cut your carbon footprint, feel better physically and mentally, and try delicious whole food ingredients in just one bite of a NoBull Burger.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Even if you love meat, cutting it out of your diet can do a world of good for the environment in just a month alone. According to Business Insider, researchers estimated that if every American “replaced all beef, chicken, and pork in their diet with a vegetarian option, that would save the equivalent of 280 billion kilograms (280 million metric tons) of carbon dioxide every year” (2019). 


We know the impact of producing and consuming meat has been detrimental on the planet. NoBull Burger is a conscious choice to reduce your carbon print. From sustainable ingredients like lentils to small production schedules, we always try to consider our environmental impact with our company. We also work closely with local vendors to source our ingredients and support small businesses we work with on the east coast. Become a more mindful and responsible consumer when you consider a flexitarian diet.

Veggie Burgers That Taste Good and Are Good For You!

Becoming a flexitarian might also mean meat just doesn’t cut it for you health wise anymore. The benefit of a plant-based diet is that whole food ingredients reduce inflammation, inhibit digestive issues, and lower your risk of developing some diseases including cancer and Parkinsons. Fiber in particular is one of the most beneficial resources for your microbiome health, which is a main ingredient in all of our burgers!


We use only what we need with whole food ingredients you can recognize on any label, from lentils and grains to various roasted veggies. With NoBull burgers, you get a completely clean and natural source of plant-based protein that is both sustainable for your body and a better source of food source from our planet!

Better Foods For Your Mental Health

In a recent blog, we got personal and talked about the importance of how what you eat has a direct impact on your mental health. Embracing supportive solutions like improving your diet to your mental care practice is another great reason to become a flexitarian.


When we learn that 95% of the serotonin in our body is made in our gut, it makes so much sense to enrich our gut with the proper nutrients to ensure serotonin  production that will make us feel good! We love the saying ” When you eat good, you feel good!” Eating nutrient-dense foods can have an almost immediate effect on your mood, energy, and how you feel physically. NoBull’s veggie burgers are a good source of fiber, which greatly reduces inflammation in our stomachs, and can help increase serotonin in your body overall.

How to Become a Flexitarian

The truth is, there’s no single right way to eat better! Whatever works for you, your needs, and your preferences should influence how you practice being a flexitarian. Start by cutting red meat out of your diet one day a week to reduce your carbon footprint even a little bit. Test out which foods might cause inflammation or stomach issues and replace them with better alternatives. Plant-based, whole food ingredients like those in NoBull are a great place to start, no matter what. 


Before making any sudden changes to your diet, consult your physician or feel free to reach out to us at NoBull for resources on how to eat closer to the earth and its benefits. The biggest thing to remember is that it takes time to find what’s best for you and once you find what makes you feel best, that’s what works best for us. Enjoy something new and try becoming a Flexitarian with NoBull now!