What it Means to be Non-GMO Verified

We are bringing you some super exciting news from NoBull Burger! We are proud to announce that NoBull Burger is now fully certified by the NonGMO Project. This certification is incredibly important to us because it means you can trust that our burgers have the highest quality ingredients that are free of preservatives, additives, and chemicals. 


The NonGMO Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products. The verification process requires rigorous testing at various stages in the supply chain. So when you choose NoBull Burger, you can be sure you’re enjoying a product that meets the highest standards of GMO avoidance. If you’ve ever wondered what non-GMO exactly means, why it matters, or how companies get verified to post that pretty little butterfly on their packaging, we’re here to teach you. 

Non-GMO Means…

To preface, GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” These living organisms come from labs where they’ve been genetically engineered, oftentimes to stay intact when they’ve been sprayed with pesticides, grow larger fruit, and stay “fresh” for longer. Some of the most common genetically modified foods are corn, zucchini, potatoes, and soy. This also includes the processed ingredients they become, like citric acid, sugar, flavorings and much more.  


So, when a product carries the Non-GMO label, it means it was made without ingredients that are made with or derived from GMOs. The veggies in NoBull Burger are just themselves, free injections or treatments with nucleic acids and DNA modifiers. You can trust that when you bite into our Sun Dried Tomato patty, every ingredient from the lentils to the celery seed was grown with good old fashioned soil, sunlight, and water. 


Why it Matters 

According to the NonGMO Project, more than 80% of all GMOs are grown for the purpose of herbicide tolerance. This has caused an increased use in toxic herbicides and the abundance of superweeds and superbugs that wreak havoc on agriculture, even though GMOs are intended to help farmers in the first place by yielding more crops. 


The long term effects of GMOs still aren’t known as they were introduced in the 1990s. However, it is known that some GMOs have triggered the increased use of herbicides like Roundup, which is known to cause adverse effects on the environment, from water and soil contamination to the development of wildlife species, according to US Fish & Wildlife. Choosing NonGMO-verified products shows support for the agricultural industry that keeps the health of its consumers and the environment in mind. 

How NoBull Burgers Became Non-GMO Verified 

We went through the NonGMO Project Product Verification Program to thoroughly evaluate each of our veggie burgers’ ingredients. They use independent inspectors to test our products for the risk of having GMO contamination, which are upheld to the organization’s strict Standards of having less than 0.5% in each of our ingredients. 


By earning the Non-GMO verification that we now proudly carry on our packaging, we are one step closer to helping people eat as close to the earth as possible, without compromising on our amazing recipes and flavor. If you haven’t tried a NoBull Burger yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon of enjoying burgers that are just as good for you as they are for the planet!