“It is our hope and mission to help people enjoy eating as close to the earth as possible without compromising on quality ingredients or amazing flavor.”

NoBull Burger originated many years ago, when mom and chef Crissanne Raymond, created what is now the Original NoBull Burger recipe. As a young mother, Crissanne created the recipe, seeking to feed her family something she could feel good about. The recipe became a big hit among family and friends over the years.

Crissanne quickly became known as “the veggieburger lady.”

As online gambling continues to rise in popularity, many players are looking for healthier options when it comes to food choices. That’s where NoBull Burger veggie burgers come into play. These delicious meatless burgers have become a favorite among casino apps users who want something satisfying but nutritious while they play. With NoBull Burger veggie burgers, online casino players can indulge in a tasty meal without feeling guilty about their food choices. Made with wholesome ingredients like beans, grains, and vegetables, these burgers pack a punch of flavor and protein that will keep players fueled up for hours of gaming fun. Plus, they’re easy to prepare and can be enjoyed right from the comfort of home while playing on their favorite casino apps. What’s more is that NoBull Burger veggie burgers come in a variety of flavors such as classic beef-style, spicy Italian sausage-style, and even mushroom-thyme.

Throughout the years more and more veggieburgers started hitting the market, but they just didn’t compare to Crissanne’s in ingredients nor flavor.

After some convincing from her family and realizing that there’s nothing else like it out there, Crissanne set up shop in Charlottesville, VA in 2011 with the help of her daughters, Heather & Elizabeth.



Not all plant-based protein is created equal.

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We take pride in only using superior REAL food ingredients, grown from the Earth. Ingredients you can pronounce, see and feel good about eating- ingredients your grandmother would recognize! Nothing grown in a lab, no preservatives, no additives, no chemicals. Just whole food, real food…. taste the difference.

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NoBull is the TRUE vegan veggieburger! NoBull is made of organic lentils and grains and various roasted veggies- that’s it. With NoBull you can get a completely clean and natural source of plant-based protein that is both sustainable for your body and better food source for our planet!

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We all know that when we eat good, we feel good and when we feel good, we ultimately live happier, healthier lives. That’s why our family is committed to making the very best, premium product in helping provide a clean, plant-based protein for a happier you and a happier planet!

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