You’ve got questions about NoBull, we’ve got answers!

NoBull Burgers are made from a blend of whole food ingredients with a base of organic lentil and organic  brown rice, caramelized onions and organic spinach.  They are also packed with various vegetables and seasonings depending on flavor. NoBull Burger is the TRUE food veggieburger, in that we are only using real-food ingredients from the earth, not a lab.

Yes, NoBull Burgers are 100% vegan. They do not contain any animal products, making them a great option for people following a plant-based diet.

Yes, NoBull Burgers contain a small amount of soy from tamari.

Tamari is a type of soy sauce that originated in Japan. It is made from fermented soybeans, but unlike regular soy sauce, tamari does not contain any wheat. Tamari has a richer, milder, and slightly sweeter flavor than regular soy sauce, and is also thicker and less salty.

Yes! NoBull Burger is certified NonGmo by the NonGmo Verified Project. This means that a product has been verified and confirmed to be free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been altered through genetic engineering techniques. NonGMO certification ensures that the ingredients used in a product have not been genetically modified or derived from genetically modified sources. It provides consumers with the assurance that the product aligns with their preference for non-GMO food choices.

Yes!  NoBull Burgers are gluten-free, but not certified gluten free. They are made from gluten-free whole food ingredients and in a facility that does not utilize gluten, making them a great option for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

Yes! NoBull Burger is certified Kosher by the International Kosher Council. “Kosher certified” means that a product or establishment has been inspected and approved by a kosher certification agency. It indicates that the food or beverage meets the dietary requirements outlined by Jewish religious laws known as kashrut. This certification assures individuals who follow kosher guidelines that the product or establishment complies with their religious dietary restrictions.

Product is fully cooked. Keep frozen. For best results, defrost in refrigerator and store up to 7 days.

Cook in lightly oiled skillet over med heat, 5 – 8 min per side.
Air Fryer:
Cook in Air Fryer at 400° for 10 – 15 min.
Grill on Med Heat 4 – 7 min per side.
Bake at 400° on lightly oiled baking sheet, 7 – 10 min per side.
Microwave on 1 min. in a pinch.

NoBull Burgers are a healthier alternative to traditional meat-alternatives is the TRUE veggieburger!  NoBull is not a meat imitator and not trying to taste, bleed or look like meat, but rather a whole-food, real-food veggieburger made from organic and Non-Gmo ingredients straight from the earth, not from a lab. With NoBull, you don’t have to compromise on quality ingredients or flavor. These veggieburgers dominate the current market when it comes to nutrition density and flavor, making it a perfect option for your REAL-food, meat-alternative made from 100% plants and 0% bull.

Depending on what flavor, NoBull Burger contains 10-11 grams of protein per 4oz veggieburger. Please take a look here (link to products page) to read our full nutritional labels and ingredient list. You’ll be quite impressed!

No Bull Veggie Burgers
No Bull Veggie Burgers