Harnessing the Potential of Plant-Based Diets to Combat Inflammation & Improve Mental Health

Unmasking the Silent Assailant: Understanding Inflammation Inflammation: it’s the body’s natural response to injury or infection, a necessary part of our immune response. But when inflammation becomes chronic, it can become a silent assailant, undermining not just our physical wellbeing but also our mental health. This chronic inflammation is often linked to lifestyle factors, such […]

The Cognitive Connection: Nourishing Your Brain with a Plant-Based Diet

Exploring the Link Between Nutrition and Cognitive Health Get ready to dive into the fascinating relationship between nutrition and brain health! In this discussion, we’ll explore the compelling benefits of adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet and its direct impact on cognitive function, leading to improved overall wellbeing. By embracing a diet centered around unprocessed plant […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diets for the Whole Family

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Considering going plant-based for the mental health benefits for your family? There’s a lot to consider when focusing on diet for mental health for people of all ages. For kids and teens, mental health is more important than ever, but it’s important for every age because plant-based diets reduce inflammation and other factors proven to […]

Plant-based or fake meat? Why the debate matters for your health

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It may seem simple: plant-based meat is fake meat made from plant-based ingredients. But that’s not all that there is to the picture – and your health depends on your understanding of what, exactly, is meant by “plant-based meat”. Not all plant-based meats are equal. In this article, we’re going to talk about fake vs. […]

5 Reasons Why NoBull Burger Is Leading the Anti-Fake Meat Movement

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What do you identify as “meat”? The US Cattlemen’s Association wants an official definition for meat and beef, and they sent a petition to the US Department of Agriculture to do just that. Why is there a fight, and how is NoBull Burger leading the anti-fake meat movement? In short, NoBull Burger isn’t making plant-based […]

The Best Veggieburgers for Flexitarians Who Don’t Like Fake Meat

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Veggieburgers have come a long way over the years. There are a plethora of great-tasting, healthy options to choose from. The rise of plant-based eating is to thank for allowing more options to exist. The flexitarian diet focuses on holistic health, meaning a balanced diet with a smaller amount of meat and less processed foods. […]

3 Ways Eating Plant-Based Can Help the Environment

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The benefits of a plant-based diet are well-studied and include benefits for health and the environment. We’ll talk about them in this article, but first, let’s define what we mean by “plant-based.” What do we mean by plant-based? Plant-based foods are at least minimally processed (or not at all). A food item fits the “plant-based” […]

Food and Mood: How to Eat For Your Mental Health

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“Each of the substances of a man’s diet acts upon his body and changes it in some way and upon these changes his whole life depends.” Hippocrates, born in 460 BC, said this. The link between food and mental health is well known. Today, depression is the number one debilitating illness – above heart disease […]

Flexitarian Diets Are the #1 Way to Reach a Healthy Weight

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The Flexitarian style of eating was termed a “diet” back in 2009 when the term was coined by registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. But let’s be clear: the main definition for the word “diet” is “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” The Flexitarian diet is a way of creating […]

Why Meatless Mondays Grew in Popularity

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52 times a year, or every Monday, people worldwide abstain from eating meat. That’s 14% of days in a year. The idea of Meatless Monday goes all the way back to WWI, but today it’s taken on a deeper meaning that is causing all kinds of people to become activists helping the planet and our […]