The Advantages of Veggieburgers vs. Beef Burgers

No Bull Veggie Burgers

While beef burgers might be an American pop-culture icon, it doesn’t mean they can’t lose their crown.

We’re not here to argue that “meat is bad.” Here at NoBull, we love flexitarians, and we are proud to provide an alternative for people to reduce their red meat consumption.

However, we absolutely will shout our support for the fiber-rich, Non-GMO plant foods.

Fiber vs. Protein and Fat

When looking at the “best” foods to eat, people are often preoccupied with the three macronutrient energy sources: carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Whether you use lean beef or not, a red meat burger patty largely consists of protein and fat.

Whereas many veggieburgers (like NoBull!) are made from whole plant foods. While the bountiful variety of plant foods means they fall across all macronutrient categories, they tend to have one common denominator: fiber.

What’s So Special About Fiber?

Firstly, fiber is the food of choice for the microbiome in your gut. That is, all of the beneficial microorganisms that live and work in our digestive system! While we could sing the praises of the gut microbiome all day, let’s just say that they play a huge role in our mental and physical wellbeing.

A high-fiber, whole food plant diet reduces inflammation in our digestive systems. This system is also responsible for 95% of our body’s serotonin production! So, eating fiber and making our gut happy literally leads to more feel-good hormones. A happy belly really does lead to happy thoughts.

Is there a short-lived dopamine hit from a greasy beef patty? Perhaps. But we would trade that for the serotonin boost of the fiber-rich veggieburger, any day.

Food Guilt vs. Food Peace

However great some people may find the taste of a beef burger, it’s getting harder and harder to justify the production of red meat.

Yet with a global population of almost 8 billion, the demand for meat production is at an all-time high. This means most red meat needs to be mass-produced. Mass production leads to increased animal numbers on the same amount of land.

So, one of the most empowering choices we can make as individuals is eating plant whole foods. Not only can we choose which grower to buy them from and how to prepare them, but we can also even grow them ourselves!

Changing Tastes for Plant Foods

While beef burgers may have been the coolest thing in the 50s, times change. For us, the delicious taste and nourishing aftermath of a lentil-fueled veggieburger can’t be beaten.

Our NoBull Burgers come just as they are: plants. Unlike many mass-produced beef patties, we know they are free of any injections or treatments. Most important of all, the veggies in a NoBull Burger are certified Non-GMO.

So, when you bite into a NoBull Sun-Dried Tomato vegeburger, you can trust you are biting into food as nature intended. From the lentils to the celery seed, every ingredient was grown with good old-fashioned soil, sunlight, and water. Utterly delicious!

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