No Beef with Veggie Burgers:

5 Myths About Plant-Based Protein and Why to Buy It

We are proud to provide plant-based burgers that are an environmentally conscious and a delicious alternative to red meat. As we say “No Bull in it, No Bull about it.” We believe in educating our consumers and having an open discussion about why plant-based diets are the way to go.

Read more below about five myths surrounding veggie burgers and why a plant-based diet is a surprisingly easy shift to make.

Myth: They’re Too New To Know Much

Plant-based diets are seen as a new and upcoming trend  that some consumers have argued need to be better researched before becoming a regular addition to your diet. In fact, plant-based meat alternatives have been around since the late 1800s, and vegetarian diets have been around well before the days of Buddhists!

John Harvey Kellogg, best known for modern breakfast cereals, was a vegetarian and experimented with a wide variety of health treatments, including meat substitutes in the 1890s. Kellogg’s initial meat-substitutes were unfortunately bland and used vegetable and grain-based pastes that tasted acrid or sour. He was actively interested in developing alternative meat products until his death in 1943, and his early experiments helped develop the veggie burger for the better.

Myth: Veggie Burgers Don’t Taste Good

Like we said, John Harvey Kellogg ran into meat substitutes that tasted sour, and critiques about veggie burgers still suggest they don’t taste good. They aren’t tasty or if they are, they aren’t made with healthy ingredients. Veggie burgers have come a long way, and we know the secret to making them delicious comes down to using great ingredients.

We are proud to have a variety of veggie burgers made from real, whole ingredients that are recognizable and full of vibrant flavor. From lentils to coconut, every burger is unique and delicious all on its own. It’s also delicious to know our plant-based burgers are better for the environment and made from ingredients that are more accessible and healthy.

Myth: Veggie Burgers Aren’t A Healthy or Versatile Substitute

To make up for taste, some veggie burgers have increased sodium or trans fats that lead to other health issues. This issue is due more to the lack of whole foods used in burgers, which our recipes curb.

Researchers found participants who ate at least two servings of plant-based meat for eight weeks lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease.Plant-based meats can have higher amounts of sodium for taste and more trans fats that lead to different health effects compared to red meat.

Fun fact, with NoBull burgers you actually can. The combo of legumes and grains creates a complete protein. Protein wise NoBull is great, but humans still need sources of fat- plant or otherwise. Balance your diet with other plant-based proteins like quinoa, tofu, and chickpeas. We’re also big believers in learning more about how your gut health affects your mental health.

Myth: Veggie Burgers Are Over Processed

Processed foods” are a buzz term right now and for good reason. It puts pressure on us to consider how our food is made and what’s good for us versus good for taste.

The thing is, processed means different things in different contexts. Processing foods in a certain way can make them unhealthy, but not all processed foods are bad. Take pasteurization or adding lifesaving vitamins to food.Those are forms of processing! Look at the ingredients and which processes in particular the food went through before determining all processed food is bad.

Myth: They’re Too Expensive To Make And Buy

Plant-based meat is more expensive to make compared to the same quantity of animal-based meat. A veggie burger patty costs about $3-$5 while a regular beef patty costs about $1 to $2.Plant-based meats contain a variety of whole foods, such as produce and spices, which are generally more expensive.

No Bull offers burgers that are just under $5.50 for twoWe are committed to providing affordable veggie burger options that are versatile, tasty, and don’t skip out on whole food ingredients. Our burgers are made with a balanced diet in mind that is accessible for all. We love working with natural ingredients and want to do our part to re-imagine plant-based burgers.

Have A Question About Our Veggie Burgers?

We’re here to dispel veggie burger myths any time. If you have questions about our products or want to learn more about the benefits of plant-based meat, get in touch with our team!

Our burgers are made with whole foods (including lentils!) and are versatile. Enjoy them on your favorite gluten-free bun or put it over rice with vegetables. No Bull veggie burgers are available in a variety of flavors including Spicy Italian and Madras Curry. See some of our favorite recipes to enjoy here.