3 Reasons Why We Should Uplift Women-Owned Businesses

No Bull Veggie Burgers Founders

If you weren’t already in the know about our team, NoBull Burger was founded by three hardworking women who are absolutely passionate about health, happiness, and great food! The woman behind these impeccably tasty veggie burgers, Crissanne Raymond, comes with the help of her daughters, Heather and Elizabeth, who have loved their mom’s made-at-home veggie-loaded burgers since they were young. 

Today, our family-owned operation is driven by two generations of women with a mighty purpose to not only provide the best veggie burgers out there but to contribute to an industry that is focused on the health of the planet and its people. 

When you support NoBull Burger, you’re not just helping the women who run it continue to do what they love, you’re participating in a multitude of values that come from uplifting women-owned businesses. 

Women Provide Better Consumer Insight 

Before NoBull Burger made it out of the Raymond household, our founder Crissanne was a young mother that was trying to do what any mother wants: craft a healthy recipe that didn’t take too much time to throw together and that her kids would happily devour without question.  

Today, her delicious veggie burgers have conquered a slew of problems for parents, being incredibly quick and easy to prepare, obnoxiously nutritious, and downright tasty. You don’t even have to hide the vegetables in this meal to get kids to enjoy our veggie burgers. 

Women make up 83% of consumer purchases in the United States. So, it kind of goes without saying that women dominate the target market of most industries, and women-owned businesses, or ones where women hold leadership positions, come with an undeniable advantage in connecting with their customers on an intrinsic level.

NoBull Burger also answers the call for more sustainable food products that consumers have increasingly added into their diets, especially in recent years as the growing impacts of climate change have become more evident. As burger-lovers everywhere have realized that there are healthier alternatives available, both for themselves and the planet, NoBull has fulfilled those needs directly. 

Increase Women’s Economic Mobility 

The gender pay gap in 2020 showed that women on average make roughly 16% less than men, according to the Pew Research Center. As women have continued to fight for equal pay from their employers, female entrepreneurs hold a significant role in the job market by taking control of their income. 

Women-owned businesses are on the rise in the United States, currently making up nearly 20% of employer firms in 2018, and 31% of small businesses in 2021. By supporting women owned businesses, you help to sustain a growing economic trend of empowerment, diversity, and equality. 

Crissanne Raymond and her two daughters, Heather and Elizabeth have helped us grow into a business where our products are as great as their ethics. As we continue to grow, buying NoBull Burgers not only ensures that we can continue to make delicious veggie burgers, you support the growing need for people to have alternatives to turn to from the meat industry, eat healthier, and take better care of this planet. 

Drive Greater Economic Growth 

The landscape of business ownership has dramatically changed in the past few decades, with women setting incredible track records for themselves as they take on more leadership roles, be it as executives or founders. 

Statistics show that women-owned businesses, as well as those where women hold leadership positions, are between 18 to 69 percent more profitable than male-dominated companies. Women also have a higher track record of growing businesses faster and creating more jobs, despite having less funding and higher loan rates than their counterparts, according to Forbes. Ironically, a variety of surveys have shown that female owners tend to have greater motivators for starting businesses than merely for financial gain. 

This was certainly the case for NoBull Burger. We deeply believe in our product, and how it contributes to a much greater purpose beyond being downright delectable. Our mission is to help people eat closer to the Earth, and create a positive impact on the environment as well as people’s health. This has continued to motivate us to go the extra mile in an industry inundated with options, and where exposure is not always easily attainable. We are here for the long journey because we know that what we do makes a difference that is meaningful for social responsibility. 

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