The Power of Choice and Your Food

When it comes to our food, it’s pretty easy to forget about where it comes from. Most of us have become supreme foragers and hunters of the ever-giving grocery store, but our decisions of what we put in that basket are still a direct reflection of how we choose to value the environment as well as our own health.  


Luckily, we have options that are sustainably grown, great for our bodies, AND absolutely delicious. When you choose to buy plant based, sustainable products from small businesses— like NoBull Burger— you can enjoy your food for far more reasons beyond your basic needs. 


Here are a few of those reasons to remind us that we have the power of agency over what we choose to eat, and why the Nobull Burger is far more than just a burger. 

Healthier Choices are Healthier for the Planet 

Mass produced meat like beef takes significantly more water and land than it takes to farm produce. On top of using way more natural resources, animals account for 57% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions while plants account for 29%. Overall, global food production is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions created by humans, according to the Guardian. 25% of that comes specifically from beef farming. 


When we choose to eat a more plant-based diet, we lessen the demand on the meat industry. Over time, if more people make mindful choices to consume plants over meat, we will eventually lower these harmful emissions from the meat industry. But we don’t have to give up burgers entirely to help reduce our carbon footprint! Readily made veggie and vegan burgers aren’t the bland, unsatisfying meat-mockers that they used to be. 


The NoBull Burger in particular is a carefully small crafted combination of savory vegetables seasoned to perfection. Plus, it holds together like an OG burger without compromising on flavor. With NoBull, you’re also getting a ton of nutritious ingredients in one beautiful patty that you probably couldn’t throw together as easily if you wanted the same tasty goodness in one healthy meal. 

Supporting Small Business Helps Everyone 

Small businesses have a much lower impact on the environment because they use less resources at large, including: energy, space, transportation, and materials to make products. When it comes to shopping for food, it’s understandable that going to a grocery store chain can be considered easier. But planning out your meals before the fridge is empty isn’t a huge jump to make, especially with the ease of online ordering today. 


Also, buying your food from small businesses provides more assurance that you’re getting a quality product rather than something that is mass-produced by machines. Small business owners are connected to their work, and are going to be far more involved in creating food that they’re proud of and willing to put their name on. Overall, supporting a small business supports people over stocks and stakeholders.


Need more reasons to support small businesses? Forbes has 43 of them! 

Eating Sustainable Food is Better For You

Making more conscious choices about our diet can not only transform the health of our planet but our own health as well. And eating nutritiously doesn’t just take form in a salad anymore, you can have fun with your food while still making your body happy! 


Take the Mushroom Burger, which combines a number of veggies with lentils, rice, white and shitake mushrooms, and vegetable flours to hold it all together. Stuff that ground goodness into some bell peppers or into your tacos, and you’ve got a meal that tastes as good as it makes you feel. 


Not all “green” and “sustainable” food items in the grocery store are created equal, of course. Plenty of products masquerade as sustainable and health-driven while having loads of preservatives, additives, pesticides, or other unnatural ingredients in them. It can make things more complicated for those who are trying to make mindful decisions when it comes to caring about their health and the planet. 


Thankfully, NoBull Burger is sustainably produced and doesn’t add anything to our handcrafted recipes that you can’t pronounce. We help put the power of choice back into your hands, so you can feel great about what you eat and what you’re doing for the planet.


Put Power Back into Your Food with NoBull!

NoBull Burger is a family-owned business that all started with Crissanne Raymond’s knack for feeding her family better meals. Today, Crissanna and her daughters, Heather and Elizabeth, continue to innovate and diversify their recipes as the demand for veggie burgers continues to grow. 


Our burgers represent so much more than a beautifully crafted meal; we put mindfulness at the forefront of its creation. By choosing NoBull over animal protein, you’re choosing to help the planet, fuel your body with nutrition, and support the people who put this true veggie burger together.