Spice Up Your Summer with NoBull Recipes!

Summer weather is finally here and that means we’re back to eating colorful fruits and veggies all season long!

We don’t know about you, but we feel that the summer season is one of the best times to incorporate some of the yummiest fruits and vegetables into our everyday eats. Farmer’s Markets start popping up, and the produce in the grocery store gets fresher. Plus there are so many delicious and easy recipes to choose from! In today’s blog, we’re going to highlight vegan recipes that we’re definitely bringing to the cookouts all season long. Keep reading for these recipes, perfect for any summer day!

The Classic.

Our first and favorite recipe is a vegan’s best friend this summer: the Classic NoBull Burger. Grab yourself a pack of the original NoBull patties, a reliable bun, and your favorite condiments, and you’re ready to cook! If you want to do it completely the NoBull way, we suggest topping your burger with vegan cheese, lettuce, sprouts, avocado, tomato, olives and/or pickles, red onion, ketchup and/or mustard, and vegan mayo! Wow, that’s a mouth full! Check out the recipe pageon our website for the full ingredients list on how we do it.

Salad Made for Summer.

Our burgers are great on their own, but pair them with some vegan sides for some added nutrition and options for all your friends and family. Even non-vegans or vegetarians will love this salad recipe! S/o to @lazykatkitchen on Instagram for coming up with this Vegan Summer Salad that we can’t wait to try. Incorporating corn into your salads is a way to get your fiber intake up, and it’s an added element that tastes so good with or on any summer dish because of how it meshes so well with the flavors of the season.

To top it off, you get to make a homemade dressing with lime juice, chipotle sauce, and maple syrup for a tangy, sweet, and hydrating taste. We think we will be using this dressing on a lot of salads this summer and beyond! If the picture of this salad makes your mouth water, head over to the Lazy Cat Kitchen blog for the whole ingredient list as well as how to make this fun to look at and an even better tasting course.

Did Someone Say Loaded Fries?

Next up, we’re featuring a vegan twist on an American classic: Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato Fries. This fan-favorite incorporates some spicy and sweet summer flavors that are so good, you might want to consider doubling the recipe if you plan to share. The unique and refreshing flavors of the beans, red onion, fresh cilantro, jalepeños, and a spicy chipotle tahini sauce will keep you picking at this side dish until it’s gone.  Spritz a lime over it for some added zest and a finishing flavor! Check out the full recipe and instructions to make this dish over on This Savory Vegan’s blog!

Vegan. Rainbow. Potato Salad.

Ditch the preservative-packed grocery store potato salad and make your own at home! This potato salad recipe is colorful, flavorful, and is sure to overwhelm your taste buds with different textures each chew. Use whatever potatoes you prefer, but as a suggestion, you can use red, yellow, and blue Creamer potatoes that are small, cute, and easy to work with. These potatoes don’t need to be skinned so their skins add fiber to your dish! This recipe can be accredited to the I Love Vegan blog who chose the vegetables for the potato salad by the colors of the rainbow!

Head over to their site for more details on this delicious presentation of a barbecue classic.

The possibilities are endless on the grill and in the kitchen with NoBull as your main course all summer long.

Switch it up, or find a few dishes you like and stick to them! However you choose to prepare and enjoy your NoBull burgers this summer, make sure you take pictures and tag our Instagram @nobullburger. You are the force that inspires us. Have a fantastic summer season foodie friends!