Plant-Based Olympians at Tokyo 2021

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Plant Power!

Being plant-powered does not mean underpowered, rather, it can be a superpower. In the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, this statement holds true for many athletes competing. By sticking to plant-based diets, these competitors are getting the nutrition they need to perform at their peak. By combining incomplete proteins such as lentils and grains, as used in NoBull Burgers, we can get full nutritional benefits, without any animal products or excess cholesterol. You can read more about plant based proteins in this blog!

Who Are the Plant-Based Favorites? 1, 2

Micky Papa – As the Tokyo Olympics are the first year to include skateboarding, this plant-based pro is making his debut on team Canada.

Alex Morgan – Morgan returns for her third Olympics on team USA’s soccer team. She currently holds a gold medal for 2012’s London Olympic games.

Ali Riley – This soccer star has dual citizenship, competing for Team New Zealand in the Olympics but playing for Orlando Pride with fellow plant-based athlete Alex Morgan.

Vivian Kong – A team Hong Kong fencing star, in 2019, she was the first Hong Kongese fencer to win a World Cup championship.

Kaylan Whitney – Making her first Olympic appearance at the age of 15, this track & field star plays for team USA. After failing to make the team in 2016, she switched to a plant-based diet to up her game.

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