Keeping Your Energy Levels Up in the Heat of the Summer

More Daylight, More Energy

Is the fear of exhaustion keeping you from summer’s outdoor activities? Planning a hike, bike ride, or watching a baseball game doesn’t have to be second-guessed. After spending a year inside, you’re going to want to spend a lot of time out and about!

Learning how to nourish your body for different conditions can be useful to make the most out of whatever nature brings. NoBull is here to provide tips and tricks to beat out the heat, plus bust a few myths about veganism.

Beat the Heat

If you’re out in the sun all day, it’s important to eat light. This doesn’t mean don’t eat, rather, consciously choose foods that are going to give you energy and not bog you down.

Eating big meat-based meals is not only bad for the planet, but you’re going to be overloaded with more protein than you need for the summer heat. Eating plant-based is a good way to still get the protein you need, but not overdo it.

Eat for Energy

Foods that naturally hydrate are always a good option to have on hand to replenish you throughout the day. Fruit is great for energy, but some also have a high water content to hydrate including cucumbers, pomegranates, kiwis, celery, pears, and watermelon.

No Meat? No Problem.

A couple of myths that have been circulating about the vegan diet are lacking energy and/or having a vitamin deficiency. There are lots of alternatives that allow vegetarians and vegans to get all the same essential nutrients. Eating plenty of plant-based sources of iron such as beans, lentils, and leafy greens helps get your body energized.

Plus, eating good food improves your mood! Stay hydrated first and foremost, and lean on protein-packed foods that are going to sustain your energy levels, not spike them causing you to crash at some point in your day.

NoBull Burgers make the perfect main course, are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and can be prepared in so many ways that your taste buds will never get tired of. Having high energy levels is imperative to an enjoyable summer outside. You’re doing yourself a favor by paying attention to what you eat. For more vegan myths busted, check out this article!