One of the things that makes the holiday season so special are the memories created around enjoying many indulgent family recipes, meals and desserts! Even if you want to stay on track this holiday season, maintaining balance and enjoying the holiday with friends and family is so important. Here are a few tips to keep up your healthy lifestyle these next few weeks. 

Once you indulge once, it can be hard to get back on track. Whether it is a Christmas party, family get together or New Year’s dinner, you always have the choice of what you put on your plate before that event. For example, if you know you are going to be eating a very carbohydrate and fat heavy dinner, make sure to load up on fruits, vegetables, and protein 1 deposit casino for breakfast and dinner! Create fun meals that you can make in bulk to have healthy food on hand the next day. Try adding some NoBull Sun-dried tomatoes in an egg and veggie scramble. For lunch, crumble some NoBull Madras Curry on your favorite salad. If you eat well throughout the day, you probably won’t have as intense of a tummy ache from all the sweets. 

I know we sound like a broken record, but keeping up your H2O intake will make you feel invincible. Not only does it have benefits like reducing bloating, and maintaining the glow in your skin, drinking water throughout the day will boost your metabolism and flush all the waste in your body. Struggling with water intake? Track your water consumption! Drink a glass when you wake up, before every meal and before you go to bed. If you’re not the biggest water fan, try adding flavor like lemons, strawberries or cucumbers. 

Just because you may be eating off your diet, doesn’t mean you need to punish yourself in the gym. Not only is this an unhealthy mindset, but it can also lower your motivation to stay active. Instead, make it a goal to be active for just 30 minutes. This manageable goal will have you ready to get in a quick weightlifting workout, HIIT circuit or even just a thirty minute walk on the treadmill. Even better, if you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, take a stroll after a large meal. This is great for digestion and it will prevent that “I am going to sleep on the couch for the rest of the day” feeling. 

A great way to stay on track during the holidays is to add healthy foods into your indulgent meals. Creating and bringing dishes with healthy food can encourage others to make room for healthy food on their plates too! For Christmas dinner, try out a Vegan and gluten-free lasagna. Add in Vegan cheese and gluten-free noodles, and add in some NoBull Spicy Italian for that added kick! Our family just enjoyed a NoBull “Loaf”  for Thanksgiving with deconstructed NoBull Savory Mushroom and panko, baked at 400 degrees with a vegan gravy. It was incredible!  Get inspired and research alternative ways to make your favorite dish, you could be surprised at the endless options.