Be Full and Mindful This Holiday Season with NoBull

The holidays get slammed fast with lots of talk and to dos: last minute shopping, wrapping up work goals for the year, and even dinner plans. When the dust settles (or the snow falls), the important thing to remember every year around the holidays is to take time with family, friends, and even yourself. It’s not all about the presents, it’s about being present!

We’re focused on the bigger picture when it comes to Hannukah, Christmas, and every holiday at the end of the year. This year, we want to encourage you to spend time focused on peace, health, loved ones, and joy. It can take a variety of shapes and forms, and here are just a few ways we love to celebrate at NoBull.

Take Time For You This Holiday Season

For some, mental health can take a turn this time of year. Between the shorter, colder days and the last minute rush to wrap up the year, we can forget to take care of ourselves first. We know plenty of folks and businesses ramp up to make those final sales, hit those goals, and wrap the year up with a bow, but we really want to encourage you to carve some time out of your day to rest instead. 

Take time to focus on yourself during your holiday break. Indulge your inner child with a Christmas gift to yourself that’s oriented more around what you
want over need. Dust off the VCR and play your favorite holiday movies from when you were a kid. And hey, NoBull Burger is always here to offer a whole food ingredient burger for that’s good for your gut health and mental health, too.

Celebrating Traditions, Young and Old

Creating traditions with family and looking forward to them every year is another fun way to tap into the true spirit of the holidays. Whether it’s lighting the Menorah together every night of Hanukkah, baking all kinds of Christmas cookies to share with friends, or simply spending time with one another, looking forward to time together is important.

At NoBull, our family celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah! We’re a family-owned business, born and made. Our tradition that we celebrate together every year is to make homemade raviolis on Christmas Eve — Great Grandma’s sauce and everything!

Holiday Dinner Ideas

Last but certainly not least: the best part of any holiday is the food! It’s the perfect way to be present with those you love and enjoy time together that isn’t focused on gifts or spending. Take the time to cook together, eat together, and soak up the holiday spirit that makes this time of year special. 

We’re big on bringing people together year-round. The holidays are a great time to eat delicious food and our veggie burgers are one way you can skip the shame, prep, and sweating over last minute gifts. Everything we do is with health in mind, and the holidays are a great time to take better care of your health and spirit by checking in with yourself and your loved ones about what really matters this year. 

Happy Holidays from NoBull!

This holiday season take the time to be present with your family, friends, and self, and skip the presents. Give yourself the gift of tasty food, good times, and simply enjoy this most wonderful time of year. We wish you the best holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2022!