The Power of Plants

January, also known as “Veganuary,” encourages people to eat Vegan for one month to promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Even if you are not going completely Vegan after ‘Veganuary,’ NoBull is here to give you some reasons to eat more plants, even if you aren’t 100% plant-based!

You Can Live Sustainably 

Because you are eating natural foods that come straight from our planet, plant-based eating gives you the chance to live more sustainably. Not all plant-based protein is created equal. NoBull uses whole and real ingredients like organic lentils and brown rice and provides you with a better food source that is great for your body and the planet! 

Plant-based Cooking is Creative

We understand that, when life gets busy, it can be difficult to create a healthy and wholesome meal. When eating plant-based, it gives you the opportunity to make vegetables the superstar of your dish! Vegetables are extremely versatile, and there are endless flavors you can add. NoBull is made of organic lentils, grains and various roasted veggies – that’s it. Get creative with any of our 4 delicious NoBull flavors.

You can Try New Foods

So many unique foods come straight from our earth! When shopping at the market for plant-based foods, don’t be afraid to pick up something that you’ve never tried before. Exotic fruits, nut butters, olives, dark chocolates and more can spice up any plant-based meal. Experiment with ways you can incorporate fresh and unique foods into your dishes. 

You can Still Eat Enough Protein 

A concern some people have with plant-based eating is consuming enough protein. Luckily, multiple plant-based foods are packed with protein to help your muscles recover and grow. Foods like lentils, quinoa, almonds and chia seeds supply an excellent amount of protein. NoBull has 10 grams of plant-based protein in each burger to keep you feeling strong and fueled.

At NoBull we believe you should eat whatever makes you feel good. We are your go-to veggie burger that is noble for you and the planet. Still stuck on recipes? Follow our social media to get inspired! 

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