The Competition Ain’t Got Nothing On NoBull

It can be easy to be attracted to meatless burger brands when they claim they are saving the planet and promoting the ‘best’ plant-based protein. Here at NoBull, we chose a completely different way to create the best veggie burger out there! Here are the top reasons NoBull stands apart from our meatless burger competitors. 

We are NOT ‘ultra-processed’ 

According to Harvard Medical School, meatless burgers fall into an ‘ultra-processed’ category when other brands attempt to make their product taste like real meat. To make a veggie burger mimic meat, it requires nasty additives and lots of processing. Here at NoBull, mimicking meat is NOT our goal. We really want you to see and taste the ingredients we put into our burgers! It is our ultimate mission to help you eat as close to the earth as possible without compromising on amazing flavor!

We have REAL vitamins and minerals 

To copy the taste of real meat, you have to add a lot of saturated fats. Saturated fats can be okay in moderation with a healthy diet, but eating too much can increase the risk of heart disease factors. We know that not all veggie burgers are created equal, and that’s why we made something completely unique. NoBull is made of organic lentils, grains, and various roasted veggies – that’s it. Our all-natural ingredients are packed with REAL vitamins and minerals to give you pure plant-based energy! 

You can SEE our quality 

Have you ever looked at a meatless burger and thought, “what even is that?” Even after they’re cooked, other meatless burgers can just look gross and slimy. Want to see something even scarier? Flip over the packaging and read the label. NoBull takes pride in only using superior food ingredients grown from the Earth. We use ingredients you can pronounce, and feel good about eating. We have ingredients your grandmother would even recognize! We promise nothing will EVER be grown in a lab, contain preservatives, additives, or chemicals. Our promise is always whole, and real food. Taste our difference! 

So next time you’re at the grocery store, pay attention to the ingredients in your meat alternatives! We all know that when we eat good, we feel good and when we feel good, we live happier, healthier lives. That’s why our family created the very best veggie burger that helps provide a clean, plant-based protein for a happier body and a happier planet! Shop NoBull on our website, or use our store locator to find us in a retail store near you!

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