Give Back During this Season of Gratitude

As we all know this year hasn’t been easy on any of us. With the drastic shift in life during the pandemic, it has been difficult but has proved to us that we’re stronger than ever. With the loss of loved ones, local businesses and homes it’s our time to give back to the ones who need it the most. Keep reading to discover how you can give back in the new year.

Write Letters to Essential Workers 

The holidays can be difficult for those who are away from their families or not celebrating for one reason or another. So bring the holiday cheer to them by spending some of free time writing “thank you” letters to health-care and frontline workers, or those who may be experiencing feelings of loneliness and anxiety this upcoming winter through organizations like Letters Against Depression and Letters of Love.


Spring cleaning starting early? Consider donating your clothes, toys, or food to local organizations in need. 

If you’re cautious about your donations, research companies that are accepting donations that directly support communities that have been affected by COVID-19 –  including those who are immunocompromised; Black, Indigenous, people of color and LGBTQ+. 

Support Causes You Care About on Social Media

Social media has the power to spread awareness and positively affect important causes. So this holiday season share and post about the charities and causes that you believe in by posting on your social feeds. 

Volunteer at a Local NGO

Although we’re in a pandemic, it’s still possible to volunteer – while abiding to social distancing protocols of course! You can participate in local charity drives, events, and workshops held by organizations, like LGBTQ+ equality foundation Human Rights Campaign or Reveal Beauty, which works to empower woman-identifying victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence.

Purchase Holiday Gifts From Brands That Give Back

If buying gifts for friends and family are still on your radar, try purchasing them from organizations that will give back to the community. Check out some options below:  

  • Gift a backpack to someone who loves to hike from Adventurist Backpack Co., which provides meals to families in need!
  • Send candles to your parents from Bright Endeavors, who hires mothers from marginalized communities and trains them to handcraft sustainable soy candles to cultivate economic security –  100 percent of proceeds go back into the program.
  • Unsure about attending holiday parties this year? Send drinks from Live To Give, which donates 50 percent of its profits to charities that support veterans, first responders, and their families; or Sierra Nevada, which donates $1 million to community non-profits from Dankful IPA beer sales.

Be Kind

Above all else, be sure to practice kindness this season of gratitude. You can do this by simply engaging in friendly conversation with the cashier at your local grocery store, expressing compassion to your co-workers during virtual meetings, and packing homemade gift baskets and dropping them off on the doorsteps of your friends’ homes. You never truly know what others are going through, especially throughout this year, 2020. A little bit of positivity can go a long way and help to spread much-needed cheer during the end of a very challenging year.

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