When You're Not Vegan

Here at NoBull, we pride ourselves in using whole, nutrient-dense ingredients that are great for you and for the earth. Although our burgers are 100% plant-based, you do not need to be Vegan to enjoy. Here are some reasons you should use NoBull no matter your diet: 

  • All of our ingredients are harvested from the Earth

We are not trying to mimic meat, we are trying to create a healthy and delicious meal staple. Our whole and tasty ingredients will give you a unique and enjoyable experience. 

Being Vegan does not prevent you from eating processed ingredients. If you live a lifestyle where you eat meat and dairy, your body will still thrive off of organic and sustainable foods with no added ingredients or preservatives. In fact, our burgers won’t mimic the typical burger you’re used to eating. 

  1. NoBull is a great source of protein

Protein has so many benefits, and our burgers contain a great amount of it! Vegan or not, a high protein diet is great for muscle building and will give you that “full” feeling. Sometimes, Vegan diets can lack protein, leaving you feeling hungry throughout the day. Unlike carbs and fat, protein takes longer to digest. Our veggie burgers will have you feeling full, satisfied and will dodge those annoying cravings. Try implementing our burgers in your post-workout meal! Our ten grams of protein will repair the glycogen that you broke down during your sweat session and will have you ready to hit the gym even harder the next day. 

  1. Eat better, feel better

One of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle is being conscious of what you are putting into your body. You can still accomplish this with healthy meats and dairy, but also with vegetables. We believe that when you fill your body with healthy foods, we feel better, healthier, and ready to take on our busy lives. Take a look at the back of our box! Every ingredient you see is pronounceable, whole and healthy.

  1. We are family owned! 

Not a nutritional benefit, but don’t you always feel better when you support local and small businesses? Our brand started with a mom looking to create a healthier version of a burger. Now, with the help of two daughters, as a family, we want to help everyone live a happier and healthier life by making promises of REAL food, no labs, and packing every burger with love and gratitude.

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