How to Have a NOBULL Summer

As stay-at-home orders continue, we understand it’s easy to fall off the healthy lifestyle train. Luckily, NoBull is here to help! Here are our top tips on how to have a summer filled with NO BULL!

Stay active without the gym.

Even though gyms may not be open yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay active! Since we are already into the summer months, take advantage of the weather and get moving outdoors. Maybe do a weight or cardio circuit in your yard, go for a bike ride, or find a new trail to hike. The options are endless. Get your family involved and make it a goal to be active outside for at least 30 minutes everyday. 

Set goals with your nutrition. 

Guilty of giving up healthy foods in quarantine? It’s never too late to turn unhealthy habits around. At NoBull, we believe setting small and realistic goals will make it easier to achieve them! Instead of saying you will cut out all unhealthy foods, follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, you will eat whole, nutritious foods (like NoBull)! 20% of the time, you can allow yourself to indulge in your favorite (maybe not so healthy) foods. No need to restrict yourself, you deserve to have your sweet treats in moderation.

Be mindful of snacking. 

Since you are spending more time in your house, it may be easy to go overboard with snacking. It’s like you’re in front of your TV or computer for 20 minutes, and the bag of chips is gone! To snack more mindfully, try and portion out your snacks instead of eating them straight from the bag. Also, instead of eating your snacks in front of a screen, take a break and mindfully chew every bite. This way, you are giving your snack longer to digest and you are less likely to reach for more. 

Make recipes with your friends and family.

A great way to bring family and friends together? Food, of course! Who needs unhealthy and processed takeout when you can create a healthy dish from home? For your next summer cookout, throw some NoBull on the grill. It will give your burgers that crunchy and smokey flavor. Looking for sweet and savory heaven? Throw a Madras Curry patty on the grill. Pair your meal with a dressed kale salad and sweet potatoes for the ultimate, healthy meal. 

Just because we’re safer at home this summer, doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy lifestyle. For more tips, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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