How to Get Together During a Pandemic

Now that we’re finally phasing out of Zoom dinners and happy hours, we are so happy to be able to see our loved ones face-to-face again. Although this is extremely exciting, it’s important to still practice social distancing. Here are our tips on how to have a safe get-together during a pandemic. 


Make a guest list. 

To keep numbers small, make a guest list of everyone you would like to invite to your event. As much as you would love the extra company, tell your guests to not invite more friends. Also, try calling your guests instead of shooting them a text. This way, you will be able to explain the situation and exactly how many people are going to be there. Don’t take it personally if someone is not comfortable with showing up. Everyone is moving at a different pace! 

Eliminate touch points.

To eliminate the spread of germs, it’s likely not a good idea to have a cheese or fruit platter that everyone is grabbing from. Instead, if you’re having a cookout, have a designated cook grill the food. Make sure the cook is wearing gloves, and all food goes untouched before it is served. To make this easier, you could order takeout, or have some NoBull burgers prepped ahead of time! 

Sit six feet apart.

As much as we would enjoy hugging our loved ones right now, it’s important that we stay six feet apart from each other. It’s pretty easy! Set up chairs in a circle six feet apart. This way, you can still be distanced, but you can all see each other. In addition, make sure everyone is wearing a mask or face covering to protect those around them.  

Be prepared with cleaning agents. 

You can never have enough hand sanitizer! Feel free to put bottles of it everywhere! On the tables, by the door knobs, in the bathroom, and by the food. If we can’t wash our hands after touching each object and each other, hand sanitizer will get the job done. In addition, instead of having one hand towel in the bathroom, opt for paper towels. This way, not all guests will touch the same towel and then potentially touch their face. 

Although this isn’t an ideal situation, we can all find ways to stay safe and see our loved ones in person. From NoBull to you, stay safe, healthy, and be kind to one another. Make sure to stay connected with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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