Healthier Food, Healthier You.

We understand that social distancing can take a toll on your physical and mental health. With restrictions on everyday activities, it may be harder to be active and eat healthy. Even if your grocery store has limited stock, you can use this time to eat healthier food and create a lifestyle that you can maintain in the future. 

Try more plant-based meals.

Did you know plant-based diets can strengthen your immune system? Eating foods from the earth (like NoBull burgers) can help fight off those nasty viruses and keep you feeling nourished and energized. If you can’t completely distance yourself from your family or significant other, it’s so important to take every opportunity to stay healthy. Plant-based foods also reduce inflammation, prevent heart disease, and even lower risk for some cancers. Struggling to find plant-based inspo? Try crumbling your favorite NoBull flavor on top of a delicious grain or pile of veggies. Talk about plant-powered perfection! 

Take advantage of organic foods.

On your weekly grocery trip, stock up on as much organic food as you can! Especially on the dirty dozen foods. Why is buying organic important? When you eat organic food, you’re avoiding the consumption of pesticides and health concerns that come with them. Not to mention, organic foods are usually fresher, more nutrient dense, and GMO-free. NoBull starts with organic lentils and brown rice as the base and we then add REAL food ingredients like organic spinach and shredded carrots. Feel GOOD about what you’re putting into your body, because when you eat good, you feel good! 

Creative can be delicious. 

When grocery shelves are looking dry, use the time to get your creative recipe juices flowing! Maybe start with establishing what you’re craving. Mexican? American? Asian? With NoBull, the opportunities are endless! 

When you’re feeling stuck, think about your dish from the ground up (or the bowl up)! Start with your base, pick your protein, and shop for fun toppings. Maybe finally go down the aisle you’ve never considered buying food from! You could be surprised at what you can create with unique foods. Hey, you might find your new favorite recipe by branching out of your comfort zone! 

Fill your plate with color.

#1 healthy eating tip: make your plate as colorful as possible! Foods with lots of color contain nutrients your body needs with low calories! Fruits and vegetables also contain fiber that help you feel fuller for longer (you never need to feel hangry)! When dishing up your plate, make sure at least half is packed with natural fruits or vegetables. Say goodbye to processed and sketchy ingredients by incorporating NoBull in your next healthy dish! 

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