As the holidays begin to roll in, so does family time. These next few months will result in family gatherings, seeing people you haven’t seen in a while, all while being surrounded by food baked with love (if you’re choosing to meet in person). Because of this, it’s the perfect time to share more about what Eat Better, Eat Together Month truly stands for. 

Every year, October is filled with fall decor and ghouls. Yet, it also stands for something more than that: togetherness. We found that eating with family and friends on a regular basis has been associated with better eating habits, improved social skills and stress reduction. This month, we want to promote better eating habits and encourage you all to share more meals with the people you love, whether it is over Zoom or in person!

Why is Eat Better, Eat Together Month important? 

Well, there are a few reasons! 

The first being it focuses on the creation of quality food. Many of us have simply forgotten how to enjoy a meal. Our lives are packed with schedules, the television goes on and we are looking for something quick and easy. This month is here to shine a spotlight on one of the most important things we do to better ourselves: eat. 

The second is its encouragement of community spirit. As we all know, this year has been one surrounded by staying indoors and keeping us away from our family and friends. We have lost touch, and we often don’t have a clue what is going on in the lives of those closest to us. Foster this community spirit this month by sharing meals with your neighbors, family and friends – while staying 6 feet apart of course!

Lastly, it encourages us to make better food choices. Take this next month to be more aware about the foods you are putting in your body. The frozen pizzas and ice creams may taste delicious, but if that’s all you are consuming you are missing out on the nutritious foods your body needs AND deserves. 

Take this month to tap into health. Create meals you have been dying to try. Fill your plates with more fruits and veggies (make that meal colorful)! Do a potluck surrounded by hearty, healthy dishes the whole family can enjoy. 

To learn more about Eat Better, Eat Together Month click here

When you make these tasty recipes, be sure to snap a pic, share on social media, and tag us @nobullburger. We can’t wait to see your plant-based creations!

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