How to Boost your Immune System with Nutrition

Now more than ever, it’s important to pay attention to how you’re fueling your body. Keeping your immune system strong can help your body fight off disease-causing microorganisms! Here are some of our top tips to help you stay happy and healthy with the help of food: 


Citrus Fruits 

You don’t have to turn to water-soluble vitamin packets when you feel a bug coming on. Instead, add citrus fruits with lots of vitamin C to your daily diet! Vitamin C helps build your immune system and increases the production of white blood cells. Incorporate them into your meals by adding a squeeze of lemon to your dish, or cut up some orange or grapefruit slices for a simple and healthy snack!

Healthy Fats 

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, is essential for keeping your immune system strong. You can find this vitamin in foods with healthy fats like sunflower seeds, almonds, and avocados (bring on the guac, please!). Did you know just a half cup serving of almonds contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin E? Go on, get snacking!


Turmeric is an incredible superfood that is known for helping inflammation and pain. By adding this decadent spice to your diet, you can naturally boost your immune system, as well as improve your memory, and promote a happy mood. Try tossing some turmeric in roasted vegetables, blending it with a smoothie, or even trying it in a latte!

NoBull & Plant-Based Diets 

We know that, when you eat well, you just feel better. Professors at Harvard School of Public Health have noted that if you are micronutrient malnourished, you are more prone to disease. Don’t let being stuck inside stop you from incorporating healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet. Plant-based foods have large amounts of essential nutrients your body needs to fight off sickness. NoBull is made of organic lentils, grains, and various roasted veggies – that’s it. With NoBull, you can get a completely clean and natural source of plant-based protein with all the micronutrient sources your body needs. Make it a goal to eat NO BULL during this quarantine period! 

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