Appreciate the Mama's in Your Life

Fun fact: NoBull Burger was founded by a mom (wonderwoman) of five kids! NoBull Burger originated many years ago when our mom, chef Crissanne Raymond, created what is now the Original NoBull Burger recipe. After some convincing from our family, she set up shop in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2011 with the help of two of her daughters, Heather and Elizabeth. We have come incredibly far and are so thankful our mom could share this passion with us. Although this Mother’s Day is a little different while staying at home, there are many ways to show all the mama’s in your life some appreciation. 

Send her a homemade gift. 

Nothing is more special than a gift you created yourself. Since we’re spending more time at home, this is your chance to get creative! Get out your art supplies and doodle on a card. You can even search online for websites to compile your own electronic scrapbook or calendar! Let her know you’re thinking about her, and give her something she can keep forever.  

Call to share your love and gratitude. 

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to revolve around gifts. If you can’t physically be with your mom this Mother’s Day, show her you care by giving her your time – even if it’s over the phone or computer. Spend a few hours catching up and laughing about fond memories. We guarantee your day will be filled with more smiles and happiness after giving your mom some love and support.

Send some self-care products. 

Your mom lives a busy life, and she deserves to wind down a little! Looking for an easy but thoughtful gift? Create a self-care kit! Grab a basket and stuff it with all of her favorite stress relievers. You can include candles, face masks, bath bombs, nail polish, and more! She will definitely be thanking you for her at-home spa day. 

Ship her healthy food like NoBull.

Healthy food supports a healthy mood! Our mom wanted to create a healthy and delicious veggie burger with NO BULL. Now we’re taking the veggie burger world by storm! Treat your mom to some NoBull this Mother’s Day. If you are able to be with your mom, maybe think of a creative recipe using her favorite flavor. Check out our store locator to find NoBull near you, and check if we are available in your area for Amazon delivery! 

Mother’s Day may be a little different this year, but take some time out of your day to show the most important woman you love and care about her. Will you be getting creative with your Mother’s Day brunch plans with NoBull this year? Make sure to tag us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

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